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Welcome to Fête Bistro by Chef David Slay

Welcome to 'Fête,' where the very essence of celebration, or 'Fête' in French, comes to life in the form of a casual yet stylish bistro, whisking you away to the cozy corners of your favorite Parisian neighborhood.

As you step into our charming establishment, you'll find two distinct rooms that each tell a unique story. The first exudes a minimalistic elegance, adorned with antique caricatures that pay homage to tradition.  The second room welcomes you with a whimsical embrace, featuring playful details such as wallpaper adorned with monkeys enjoying cigars and libations one wouldn't typically associate with jungles. But it's the wall across that truly narrates the raison d'être of our restaurant - a treasure trove of menus and memorabilia hailing from the French restaurants where our Owner and Chef, David Slay first honed his craft.

Chef Slay's culinary journey is a tapestry of diverse influences. With a profound understanding of French cuisine, he spent formative years in the kitchens of prestigious establishments such as Beauvilliers in Paris and Trois Marches in Versailles. Adding another layer, both Chef's parents are of Lebanese descent, infusing family dinners with the flavors of tabbouleh, hummus, and other Arabic staples. 

This unique blend of culinary heritage is what makes Fête a haven for connoisseurs of both French and Lebanese cuisine, crafted from the finest ingredients sourced fresh from our very own farm, the Slay Estate & Vineyard.

Whether you're joining us for an Aperitif Hour, seeking the perfect Digestives & Desserts, or embarking on a memorable culinary journey with a full Fête, we invite you to savor every moment with us. Bienvenue à Fête!